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Working From Home For Free !

Thanks To you can now work from how with nearly no it knowledge at all without putting any money down. Simple follow the three steps below:

1)      Find a website that offers an affiliate program and subscribe to become a partner and resell their products they will usually have a management console see your clicks and purchases. We recommend or google adsense(PPC) to start.

2)      Then write up a product page you may want to test the product you self before hand, once you have your product description and affiliate links go to the Prodir webpage and submit your information using the link: They will build you a page and send you back the link to your new page.

        3)     Once you receive your new URL you then need to post it as many ways as possible to increase the visitors to your site using the following methods.

-Post on forums to relevant topics with your link.

-Post on forum to irrelevant topics with your link in your signature.

-Write articles promoting your product and submit them to free article directories.

Repeat these steps as much as possible and people will find your site and hopefully purchase your products.

Using the Prodir directory is similar to creating a blog except you benefit from the website current page rank and references, but you must add back links to your page to bring in traffic. Creating a page without promoting it will most likely not get any traffic.

Good Luck !

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