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Wd Sync - Synchronization Software

About Wd Sync:
Wd Sync is made by Dmailer Software and is shipped on selected Western Digital HDD like the Passport. Wd Sync is portable synchronization software allowing you to synchronize your PC items like Files & Folders, favorites & bookmarks and email data from outlook, outlook express and windows mail. Wd Sync is available in versions 5 & 6 and is free on Passport devices. To get this software for another device you must purchase Dmailer Sync now available in Version 8.

Download Wd Sync:
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Buy Wd Sync Online:
WD Sync can be purchased online directly from Dmailer for any device or downloaded freely for Wd Passport owners.

Wd Passports drives can be purchased through Amazon By using the following link. Click Here!

Dmailer Sync V8:

Dmailer Sync V8 includes several new features including:

-Support for FireFox 3, Vista 32bit + 64bit & Windows Mail.
-Automatic synchronisation of sub folders.
-Migrate your data between email clients.
-Automatic detection of email settings.
-Fine Tune your sync using Size & Date filters.

More information on Dmailer Sync can be found here Pc Sync Software

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