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Types of Software


Commonly offers the full program limited to a trial period or number of uses. This is an effective and honest way to market a product.


Is free for personal use but often if used for commercial purposes a license must be purchased. Freeware is often CrippleWare or DemoWare but advertised as freeware.


As implied software that is crippled in some way until a license is purchased an entered unlocking full functionality. The software can be crippled in any way shape or form usually a crucial feature or button.


Allows only partial functionality of the program in order to test the product before purchasing. Commonly used in games.


Sends information about what you do to exterior sources such as web browsing habits. This information is very valuable to create statistics and analysis which can then be resold. Legitimate applications can also contain spyware simply to monitor how users use their software.


This software shows you advertisements with the intention you will purchase something.


Software-As-A-Service is becoming more and more popular normally accessed by a web interface and can come under any of the above license agreements usually a trial period to support the maintenance costs of the service. Example of SAAS include: Online Storage, Paid Mail Providers, Online Tax Calculators and so on.


There are other software types that exist which are official yet uncommon including :

-BeerWare (Requires that you purchase a beer for the author)
-SisterWare (Requires that introduce your sister to the author)
-DonateWare (Requires you to donate to a charitable cause)
-PoscardWare (Requires you to send a postcard to the author)

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