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Dmailer Sync - Travel Solution - Working on the Move!


Dmailer Sync - PC Sync Software which offers a wide range of sync options and its uniqueness in its objective, secure data mobility, makes it an excellent solution for all business travelers. Instead of synchronizing your entire PC and then restoring it.


Dmailer Sync allows you to easily sync your data, as chosen by you, to any USB flash drive, memory card, external hard disk drive, mp3 player, embedded phone memory, SIM cards and flash based memory cards for mobile phones (miniSD, microSD, microSDHC, MMCmobile).

It provides a secure environment for you to work on your files & documents, send & receive email and browse the internet without leaving a single trace behind on the PC. I find this concept fantastic and works well due to the detail of data that is sync, all within a secure & private environment. Files from your original PC, email, contacts, calendar, browser favorites or bookmarks, even your desktop background to make you feel like you’re at your own PC, make Dmailer Sync an outstanding solution for those who want to have a virtual copy (synchronized at all times) of their office or home PC in their pockets or briefcase.

Publisher Information:

Pc Sync Software:
Advanced PC Sync software that offers a complete data mobility solution to sync Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and all your personal data on a simple mobile device such as a USB key.

- Work via Dmailer Sync V8 on any PC, anywhere in the world, as if sitting at your own desk.
- Send and receive email, browse the web and work on files securely, without leaving a trace.
- When you return to your PC, sync everything you’ve done with one click.

Contains 5 Applications in 1:
- Email Sync Software
- Data Sync Software
- Mobile Email Client
- Encryption Software
- Favorites Sync Software

Down Side:
This software is not a backup solution this is because if you delete a file on your PC then sync your file will be removed from the device as well.


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