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The complete Mobile Office Software Solution

Want a completely Mobile Office Software Solution for when you are away from your office then here is your solution. Some other commonly thought of solutions such a laptop requires hours of preparation to copy your data between your Office pc and Laptop, to keep this organised is very difficult thus you will most likely find yourself somewhere without the data you need.

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My Mobile Office Software Solution allows you to carry the following items in your pocket and keep them up to date with multiple computers. Simply connect your usb key to any computer and have your entire office environment at reach.

-Files --- (Any type or Size)
-Emails --- (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail)
-Contacts --- (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail)
-Calendars --- (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail)
-Favourites --- (Internet Explorer, Firefox)
-Browsing History --- (Internet Explorer, Firefox)


-Synchronization Software
-Zip tools
-PDF Viewer

How is this possible...

All this runs from any mobile storage device (USB Key, Portable HDD, Mobile Phone, etc.) and will cost you only 32.95 for the synchronization software which is a must to keep all this information up to date with another computer.

Steps to making your Mobile Office Software Solution.

1) Obtain any mobile storage device USB HDD recommended. (Examples Below).

2) Download and install Dmailer Sync to your USB device from their website below:
Download Dmailer Sync
More information

3) Synchronize all the files, email data and favourites you wish to take with you.
Setup Guide

Download and install the following tools that you want, it is recommended that you get all of them. You never know when you might need them and they are free so don’t take the risk.

4)Skype portable
5)Open Office
8)PDF Viewer

You can find more great tools from the following providers.

You may also wish to use a launch Pad of some kind this is a program that runs from your mobile storage device both U3 and Portable apps have a launch pad you will then need to install the U3 versions of the above recommended downloads.

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