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Make Folders Invisible In Windows

This simple little tutorial will show you how to make folder invisible in windows.

1) Right click the folder and click Properties.
2) Click the customization tab.
3) Click Change Icon.
4) Scroll along until you see 3 invisible icons in a line. Select the one in the top line.
5) Click ok then ok again & press F5 to see the change.

Now to hide the folder name:

1) Right click the folder and click rename or Press F2.
2) Delete the file name that is there.
3) Hold down the “ALT” key and using the num pad enter “0160” without quotes.
4) Release alt You will see a space appear then press enter.


Your Invisible windows folder in finished you can now make any folder invisible I recommend you don’t go overboard. DON’T DO THIS TO SYSTEM FOLDERS only you personal document folders.

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