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Salads are a delicious and nutritious food with endless possibilities of ingredients and preparation. Many ingredients we choose however, can be very delicate and easily damaged or turned into mush if not tossed correctly. This can spoil our salad!

There are special implements on the market for tossing a salad. These usually resemble a large flat spoon and rounded fork, so if you have not invested in a pair, you can always use 2 large spoons or a large spoon and fork! Careful though, a fork can damage delicate salad leaves.

There are 2 schools of thought as to how to toss a salad! These depend on

1) The type of ingredients and
2) Whether or not the dressing , sauce or vinaigrette, is poured over the top of the salad or made in the bowl before the salad is added!

A fresh green leaf salad for example, with vinaigrette poured over the top, requires a light tossing, whereby the implements are used to gently pick up the greens (elbows up and implements pointing downwards) to a height of approximately 10cms, 6inches (without breaking the leaves) and allowed to cascade back into the bowl. This is done repeatedly until all is covered with the dressing. The trick is to have a large enough bowl in relation to the size of your salad, or it ends up everywhere but in the bowl!

The same salad, however, with the dressing made in the bowl first, and the salad placed on top, requires (with implements held horizontally) a gentle turning and rolling of the ingredients, through the dressing at the base of the bowl, until all the leaves are coated.

Both of the above examples can be applied to just about any salad, so choose your preferred method and enjoy!

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