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How To promote your website with Articles

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If you want your article to be as high up in search engine as this one read on.

Article writing is one of the best know methods to promote a website and its product or service, many article writers submit articles without fully promoting them. This guide will show you the secret to maximise your Article submission. All article writers must try this tested and proven method at least once then watch and see the traffic difference.

The Problem:

You may write an article e.g “How to sell cheese” and you submit it to several article directories in the hope that people will find it from search engines. But when your readers search for “how to sell cheese” they find several or hundreds of articles on several sites from many authors and yours isn’t first in line and normally very far from it so you get very few people coming or often non. Therefore the back link you get from it is nearly useless as well.

The Solution:

Use all your submission to promote one article on one site this will sky rocket you article to the front of search engines, most article directories do not allow you to do this so follow the steps below.


1)      Write your article.


-Test and find the best keywords using  

-Having links to your website in the text is much more effective than a link at the end of the article.

2)      Create an account and submit your article to first, you’ll see why next.

-Add it to the write category.

3)      Then find your article in the Directory by searching for the title scroll to the bottom of the page and click Article Source.

4)      Then submit the Source to as many of the following list of directories and any others. Either using the HTML or Text source depending the website requirements. Do not remove the source link!

Well Done now your article will have heaps of back links from high relevant sources in addition you can also submit your article with a description to using the source link from do not submit the entire article just a unique description don’t copy it from the article.

You can publish this article on your site if you include the entire article and source link below.


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