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How to build a barbeque grill

If you are planning to build a barbeque grill see all of the following home made BBQ grills to help you make the best decision in what's right for you and how you should build the right grill for your garden. The most popular stile BBQ searched on the internet today is How to build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum this is because of its growing success its cheap, large, easy to clean and it gives your cooking a great flavour.

Enjoy the list of BBQ grills and smoker we have compiled below if you have found another great online resource please share it with us using the submit button above:


How to build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum 1 This grill is large can burn for hours and is great for heavy grilling includes an easy open and close lid.

How to build a grill out of a 55 gallon drum 2 This grill can’t be closed but show how to make a good stable stand which can be quite challenging .

How to build a Portable BBQ grill This grill uses the same principle as the 55 gallon grill but is can be made out of a smaller gallon drum.

The classy 55 gallon drum grill This grill is by far the most stylist but quite complicated to make.

Build a Smoker out of a trash can This Smoker is cheap easy to make and very innovative. (“A clean trash can I hope”)

Build a Cold Smoker out of wood This almost walk in smoker is very practical for heavy usage.

Water smoker Turn your Weber into a water smoker?">
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