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How to Backup your Email with Dmailer Sync

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Backup Email Instructions:

Tired of the tedious process of backing up your emails? Thanks to Dmailer Sync, you can forget about wasting time copying backups, contacts, calendars and make it a simple task. Read on to find out how to backup your emails with Dmailer Sync.

  1. Download Dmailer Sync from
  2. Decompress the Dmailer Sync archive to your portable device and start the program.
  3. Continue through the setup prompts and provide a username and password.
  4. Choose from the list the email client which you would like to backup. Click advances settings if you would like to backup other things such as contacts and the calendar.
  5. If you would like, you can backup other files/data of your choice such as bookmarks and your present wallpaper.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the backup selection, hit the next button to start the backup process.
  7. After the backup is complete, you can verify the email data is working by opening up Dmailer sync and browsing through the matching tabs on the left.

To restore your email client’s backup, start Dmailer Sync and hit the restore button located at the upper region.

Make sure you keep your password secure because your data is encrypted in AES 128 bit encryption. Therefore, if your password is lost, it is not possible to recover your data.

To make things easy now for you, Dmailer Sync will automatically backup your selected email client data and settings every time you plug in your backup device.

To find out more about Dmailer Sync’s great features, take a read of the Dmailer Sync Review.

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