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Bypass auto sync on Wd Passport Drives

This tutorial explains how to bypass or cancel the Auto Sync feature in WdSync on Western Digital Passport Drives. It is a good idea to disable the Auto Sync feature for the following reasons

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1. You may not need to synchronize, so synchronizing is a waste of your time.
2. If you have accidentally deleted a file on your computer and you want to recover it from Wd Sync when you connect your drive to do so the file you need to recover will be removed during synchronization.
3. This type of data loss can also occure after a format.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PROCEEDING! If you need to recover a document that has been deleted from your computer do not start Wd Sync go to Instruction 2: Below.

Instructions 1:

A) Launch Wd Sync and login to the profile you wish to disable Auto Sync on.

B) From the main console Click Options then un-check Automatic Synchronization as shown below(When the tick is present to the left Automatic Synchronization is enabled).

Instructions 2: (More complicated)

A) Open you usb device via my computer and navigate to the following path:


B) Open the file "Sync.4.0.option" with notepad

C) Search for this entry "SYNC_AUTO;1" and change it to "SYNC_AUTO;0" (Noting the change from 1 to 0) This will Disable the Auto sync feature.

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