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Apart from getting 50+ back links and 50 Follower in 50 minutes this program offers so much more, this program has been strategically designed to create you a link network that will grow on its own. All sites used below are interlinked so the more people who join the better you will do. Once finished the traffic and link popularity will grow on its own. Because these sites are already interlinked you are diverting off good quality relevant PR and traffic.

People will find your Twitter page, Article page & directory listing from general traffic which will follow down your links via different channels and arrive at your article or homepage the article then point to your site. See Below
Why do I want to promote the article? Because links you get from these forums are not relevant to your page so they won’t help as much as the links from the article will, also the forums used to gain the links allow 4 links in your signature so you might as well promote your article at the same time links that go to your article page then refer relevant content back to you web site.

Why not use another article directory? Because other article directories are not in this link network so it wont grow from future submission also other article directories do not give you a fully optimised page with very little links to other pages.

Why don’t I just do this with another group of sites? Because the page rank of these site is all interlinked everyone who does this will benefit from the work of others so without doing anything you article will grow in page rank on its own. This works because both the directory and the forums link to

!Ready To Begin!
1) Write an article review tutorial of your site promoting your site or product and submit it here Submit Article Tips:
-This is the most important step you must include relevance by using your keywords on the page.
-Use your links in the text try at least 3 links in the first paragraph.

Once your article is approved. And you recieve the link to your article you can proceed

2) Go to create an account login and perform the following.
-Take the first 250 chars of previous article and post it to the article body.
-Modify the link below to link to your article using the URL received in the confirmation email, Where your title is your article title replacing "space" with a "-".

50+ Followers:
3) Goto and create an account if you already have one. Then follow the steps below:
-Login and goto to the setting page and add "I Always Follow Back" to your name. (This way people will follow you without you having to do anything)
-Go to the search box Search for "follow back"
-And follow all results that appear. (These people will follow you back)
-Make at least 3 posts as follows

Post1 = Welcome to my twitter page.
Post2 = these are the pages on my site with a description. (Make a new post for each sub page try do at least 10)
Post3 = Here is my homepage http://...
Post3 = Here is my Latest article = (add your read more link here)

These forums accept spam, are do follow and do not require minimum post before adding back links.

4) Go to How To Forum Create your account remember to add a signature with a link to your site and make 10 posts. Post Ideas Below:
-Post a link to your article. (Under Talk by Page category)
-Ask how to do something you already know how to do.
-Make a post about what’s on your mind. (In General discussions)
-Make a post linking to your website saying here is my new website. (In General discussions)
-Comment on existing Page from the HOW to webpage. (Under Talk by Page category)
-Give some feedback that would make the forum better use ideas you have seen from other forums. (Under this forum)

5) Go to Backup Software Forum Create your account remember to add a signature and make 10 posts. Post Ideas Below:
-Post your backup solution how you do your backups. (Lie if need be)
-Tell people about your bad backup experience.
-Ask which backup solution is best for you.
-Ask about a backup program. (Search Google if needed)
-Perform the same for the synchronization Categories.

6) Go to Free Directory and perform the following.
-Submit your homepage with a unique description and title.
-Submit 5 of your subpages to the appropriate categories with unique descriptions.

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